My avatar is the biggest, scariest looking character I could make. It's got muscles I never worked for and fighting skills I never trained to learn. It has mean looking eyes of vivd green and a skin of palest blue. Its hair is so red and glossy it flows like a cold flame with each turn of my head. It can go long periods without food or drink and has an IQ smarter than Issac Newton. In that world where the avatar is me I am almost a God, I have power, influence and the ability to cause others pain if they cross my path. I can crack skulls and shoot arrows, I can run without stopping for hours. But this side of the screen I'm a bit flabby despite being taller than average. My hair is bleached white with green tips and I have a ring through my nose. Though my clothes were all black when I bought them they are now a washed out grey. I wish I could step into the screen and really live as that avatar - just reaching back through the screen every once in a while for another cookie or a slurp of soda.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, February 22, 2015.