For most folks, you couldn't pay them to live in an area without police. Defunding police isn't about that. It is about altering budgets to produce superior social outcomes. Thus it is a movement that respects police and adds mental health and social services to the roster. It's boosting care for youth and giving avenues for artistic expression. It's helping folks to have a stable home and feed their family.

Yet we should remember to raise up our hero cops, be willing to say that many are really good people who put their lives on the line to protect others. We need to know that in our times of great need, when we call for police, they will come. And when we recruit them right, when we train them right, when they are supported right with people trained in empathy and mental health, the entire community can be reassured by their presence. So let's hear it for the hero cops, for those who do it right. Let's hear it for the hero cops who want the scum cops to do hard time for evil murders and lynchings they committed in uniform. After all, it is better to let each person speak from the soul and commit themselves to their own path rather than be spoke for by the actions of those they personally abhor. Let our cops march with black lives matter. Let our cops choose if they want to wear a new uniform that shows their allegiance to the black community. Perhaps that would help to give a better feeling of safety in the community - that there are police who want to visually signal that they are there to serve, that they want to help and reject domination and power methodology.