Her skin is bronzed, tortured by the sun due to monotonous exposure. The stench of sweat is evident. Her messy hair and dirtied skin is a sure sign of rough living (not to mention the worn-out clothes – most likely handed down from a previous generation).
Her eyes are firm to the untrained eye, yet I see loneliness as they become unfocused.
These were eyes of experience; they'd seen a lot, not all of it pleasant. Her hardened look and stone-cold gaze were a clue to their witness.

She seems mature. Most likely a child who simply skipped childhood, forced to look after her multiple-generation family, and no doubt a slave to the poverty stricken world. She works tirelessly all day to find some form of nourishment for her family's weeping bones as the skin clings tightly to them.
When the sun goes down, and the work comes to a stop, however, her beauty becomes prominent. The weariness originating from the stress of life can be seen clearly during this time. Still a child, her look of innocence makes your stomach congeal in sadness as the heavy burden appears, written all over her body.

But she is among millions in this life. This "life" is all she's known. Her face – thinner than thin – clearly carves out her sharp features, leaving the attention not on her full, cracked lips, not on her hollowed-in cheeks, but on her tired eyes. She will not go to school. She will not leave her home. She will not escape her life. A bad hand dealt to her, and a country of slaves. Slaves not to a human, but to a life; poverty and hunger their master, one which she cannot escape.

By sage, March 2, 2017*.

As an initiative to combat climate change, poverty and increase social cohesion, increase national health and boost education - set up free (or nominal cost) vegan buffet restaurants; and start it in impoverished areas. This provides high nutritional value, lowers carbon footprint and fights poverty. To eat there is a free choice and it starts to change the national taste toward sustainable living. The restaurants can be boosted by volunteers and by community action groups. This can be linked to a local growing initiative to grow vegetables instead of grass lawns.