Selecting an avatar for The Game was always hard. It was costly too, the more features you wanted the higher the price. But once you were hooked up it was all you had to keep you interested for what felt like a lifetime. The games were only four hours long, but the scientists had worked out a way to make it seem like eighty years or more. You were born into the game as a baby and left old, unless you died and that was scary. Once in there you just didn't know it wasn't real, in a way it was real. There were rules too, mess up your new "home world" too bad and you locked in for every "reincarnation" until it was fixed. Of course if it wasn't fixable you were just in for a bad time for eons. The problem was that once in there no-one knew it was a game, it was just life. Then when you came out you had the choice of re-spawning with the people you knew or taking pot-luck. I know what you're thinking, why play at all? Well, what were our options? Live in the ether of our home nebula as the ghost-like star-creatures we were or get to live multiple finite lives? Every thought of what it would be like to hang out in space for a year with zip to do? Try three hundred. If it wasn't for The Game we'd have lost our God-given minds.

My Avatar was always female, I'm not sure why but it just appealed to me. I often changed my hair, build, skin colour and athletic ability. Sometimes just for laughs I went in as a gorilla or a whale; those were often the most fun anyway. I added in some bizarre feature when I'd earned enough karma, I'd be a math genius, an artist or sing like an angel...

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, February 22, 2015.