They say a Phoenix comes from the ashes, a firebird that spreads wings of amber light into any dark sky, a bird that echoes the sun. Perhaps that is so, and there are times I am that bird with the wings of fire. Yet at times from my ashes I am a slowly growing plant, quiet regardless of the weather. And so in this renewal I am both, the boldness of fire and the steadiness of the flora. I think we're supposed to be that way until we find the dual path, the steady and quiet flame such as the golden leaf that grows upon every lit candle.


You make beautiful things,
From the ashes of my dreams
You healed my heart
From the remains of once whole art
You renewed my mind
From the voices that had bind

I stand in awe
Oh God, you make beautiful things!
What passion from flaw
What completeness from lose strings

In you I am whole
My evil thoughts pursue me no more!
My heart jumps within me, like a newborn foal
I am free! Free at last, and now I can soar!

By twilightlover77, September 13, 2017.