The streets that had yesterday been abuzz with the haggling of street vendors and shoppers were now a war zone. The young men ran at the army with homemade explosives, the response was an immediate chatter of machine gun fire. The bullets sprayed into those boys who wanted nothing more than a decent chance in life, a job, security, the same chance for happiness and a family that so many others around the world took for granted. They wanted enough food to eat. They wanted fair law and order. They wanted democracy.

Silence fell with the sickening speed of a guillotine. The blood flowed freely from one lifeless body to the next, a collective pool of scarlet. After a few moments a young soldier threw his gun into the carnage and removed his uniform. Then he knelt down and closed the vacant eyes of one of his country-men. The Colonel shot him dead at point blank range. One after another the rank and file stepped forwards and took aim at their leader. The army had joined the revolt.

By lisarachel, October 30, 2014.