One by one they filed past the doorstep, and into each outstretched hand
was dropped a clinking canvas pouch, each one of which was heavy enough
to make its recipient smile.

By mikeb, July 17, 2012.

Found in Frank Merriwell's Triumph, authored by Burt L. Standish.


Kinzey had outlived his usefulness to the mob. He had run drugs, laundered money and silenced witnesses. But last week he had been sloppy and a police detective was investigating him. If they got a good team on it the trail would go right back to his employer. He'd been cleaning up their messes for two decades and figured he'd earned a new identity and a place in the sun. When he went to Suzio to request his "exit plan," something he had been promised the day they'd hired him, he was led to the concrete room in which he now knelt, hands and ankles bound, a gag in his mouth. The only reward he'd be getting was a small bullet and a shallow grave.

By lisarachel, October 30, 2014.