It’s nice to sit out here. The roof peaks directly in front of my bedroom window, but the house juts out beside the peak; it forms a wall of siding adjoined with the edge of the peak, making a corner I can curl into.
The corner is shaped like a valley, and it’s uncomfortable to sit in a V-shape, but I hardly notice. I am lost in the breeze caressing my face and the starlight dancing in the sky.

By Sariah Smith, July 28, 2014.

The copper of the auditorium dome is like a beach awash with turquoise waves. It spreads over the imperfect surface, a blemish that only adds to the beauty. In time the roof will only be green and perhaps we'll forget the copper underneath. I'm sure it will be beautiful then, perhaps even more so, but this dome has greeted me every day on my way to buy the morning paper for nearly thirty years and I love it. I don't doubt there is already less copper showing and from day to day I never notice the change, but at my age that's the fastest rate my old ticker can stand.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, February 9, 2015.

The roof is a jumble of colours from pale terracotta to a deeper reddish-brown. There is lichen more on some tiles than others making them almost white. All along the peak there are long rounded tiles, like a tube cut in half, joining the two sides. But what commands the attention is the chimney. There must be a fire place in that dwelling big enough to roast an ox, like a castle kitchen. Instead of tile the chimney is varying shades of red brick, only the top pots are clay.

By cassie, October 31, 2014.