I have become so very good at being rude. Simon's butch roadie is so poor at hiding jealousy. It's not part of my briefing but it lightens the boredom. She has a crush on him a mile wide, he knows it too. If anything he uses me as a shield. He's known her since they were kids, makes her perfect for the maintenance of a "normal" life as an egocentric pre-madonna musician singer. I'd like to arrange a little accident for her so that she's not so high maintenance but he won't hear of it. Apparently she has a heart of gold but I can't see it through all the chest hair. I'd offer to get rid of that unibrow for her if it wouldn't leave her head more porous than my mother's logic. When we visit tomorrow I'm going straight to her cabinet and pouring a huge Baileys. She buys it as her monthly treat, poor thing is almost broke. I won't even ask, add ice, say thank-you or even look in her direction. If I can take her favourite seat so much the better. Simon can't say a thing, he's "smitten."

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, November 28, 2014.

The old lady sat stiffly in her starched blouse, smoothing out the lace ruffle that ran the length of her opal buttons with one gloved hand. Her eyes darted to the corner of the waiting room to where a young mother was frantically trying to soothe her new infant. Her eyes widened as the mother lifted her faded t-shirt and latched the infant to her breast. First it had been the dreadful screaming and now the sucking, the slurping and the occasional jet of milk as the baby pulled away; it's mouth too full to take any more. With her face harder than drying cement she got to her feet and approached the receptionist. "Madam! That young woman is being rude. I demand she goes to the lavatory!" The receptionist blinked slowly and replace the telephone back on its stand. She left her desk and approached the horror-stricken mother who was barely past her teens.

"I'm sorry," she said, "that you've had to tolerate such rudeness today. Can I do anything to help you be more comfortable?"

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, November 24, 2014.