General was the planet Saturn rushing towards me. Larger and larger it grew, swallowing up the heavens behind it, and hiding every moment a fresh multitude of stars. I perceived it's flattened, whirling body, its disc-like belt, and seven of it's little satellites. It grew and grew, till it towered enormous, and then I plunged amid a streaming multitude of clashing stones and dancing dust-particles and gas-eddies, and saw for a moment the mighty triple belt like three concentric arches of moonlight above me, it's shadow black, on the boiling tumult below.

By james, April 20, 2012.

Found in Under the Knife, authored by H. G. Wells.


On the plasma screen came a planet with a thick band of rings - Saturn - how could it be anything else? It's coffee colours blend and merge as if artist designed, as if long ago it had been only a painting in some celestial plan. I let it penetrate my mind, willing it to seep into my longterm memory. This will be the closest to Earth I will ever be again. How odd that my mind has already begun to think of this lonely outpost as close when as a girl the next city over was far away. But I guess that's just because Papa moved there, too far for me to walk, not old enough to catch a bus.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, December 13, 2014.