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By angela, March 21, 2012.

Two ginormous ornaments. That’s what they reminded her of. Big and blue, like the ones mama would hang on the branches of their christmas tree. The ones that completely filled up her vision when she held them up to her eyes, eager to peer through their foggy, beryl world. If only she were just a year older, then she could surely brush those big dusty ornaments with her fingertips. She clung to the rusty bar under her butt, reached and strained to just get a whisk, but to no avail. “Nope. Still too short.” She flexed her small fingers, picked at the rotting flecks of metal that stained her palms a bright orange. With age came change, and the nine-year-old could wait another year to try again.
Two impending moons, so big, they could easily be mistaken for planets. Some believed that with each year they grew closer, so was the joke shared among all adults, but to children this was prophecy. One day those tremendous blue craters would touch the earth and all would cry out in triumph.

By kikkopirate, December 31, 2014.