When my mum hands down a scolding she goes for the jugular. She takes issue with 'teenage swagger' and 'teenage entitlement.' If your friends are there she'll go for something embarrassing. If your alone she'll go right for your guilt buttons. It used to work on me pretty good, but now I'm getting a thicker skin. She gets loud, vents, blows off her steam. I used to get loud back, right in her face, but to be honest it was more hassle than it was worth. So now I smirk and say "are you done? I got homework to do." That stops her pretty quick. Who can argue with homework, right? Then I'm off for some quality texting time with the latest tunes. Adults say we're the ones being unstable, but what about them desperately trying to control their kids who aren't kids anymore?

By davi1234, October 4, 2014.