When I arrive at work there is already a coffee on my desk. There is no note to let me know who the buyer is yet one sniff tells me it's my favourite - hazelnut latte. I sink into my chair and peer around. Hardly anyone is here yet and no-one even looks my way or acknowledges me at all. I turn my attention back to the cup. It's a venti, tall, frothy and still hot. I want to resist it until I know the giver, but without a conscious thought it is in my hand and the first milky sip creeps over my taste-buds and down my throat. After only a few minutes I am bathing in the kick of the caffeine. The time for finding my benefactor has passed, the first meetings of the day are already slated to begin. So I carry my reports in one hand and the cup in the other. Until it's drained it will be within an easy arms reach.