It wasn't just the room being too loud, and a sudden headache. No, for me, it was the feeling of air suddenly leaving your lungs as you take frantic breaths, just to keep yourself calm. It was being able to hear. Every. Single. Sound around me - the voices in conversation, the cars in the road, the siren from a far-away police car, the ticking of the clock on the wall, the slamming of a door down the hall, the wasp buzzing in the room, all amplified tenfold. It was being near-blinded by the lighting, flashes of white being all I could see, forcing me to shut my eyes and keep my palms pressed into them, just as protection from the light. It was the world pressing in on me, a sudden tightness and crawling under my skin, making me want to claw it off of my bones, just so I could sit and not want to scream.

It was hell.

It was existence, for me.

By elvishphanlockian, October 1, 2017.