You call me serious. That's okay. Because at times like this it would be insane to smile, to appease and pretend can't see the damage being inflicted. You are on the wrong path, my friend, at your feet swirls negative energy, your aura is dark. Cold logic alone brings cruel choices, for in the absence of love the greatest logic is rendered stupid in the worst way.

It takes love to bring me to a smile, from within or another source. Love is the greatest of intelligence, the beauty, the reason we have joy and laughter, giving us the ability to sustain Earth now and into the future. Only when love and logic are combined are we truly smart, making choices that bring more peace and health. The path at my feet swirls with a warm energy, a sense of nurture and love; my aura is a constant light in any weather.

So, underneath my serious expression is a steady love, yet under your smile is indifference. It is for me to invite you to try the way of the love, to feel gratitude and positivity. It's time to wean yourself off the poison of power and control... it's time learn to love again. You do that and I'll smile every day, inside and out.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, October 17, 2018*.

"Yeah, man, this is a complete non-joke, so some cooperation would be great. We've got expanding trauma populations and shrinking healthy ones, roll out the love train while you've still got time."