It was his favorite hobby, shooting. He wasn't shooting any old gun, it was a L42 Enfield. He had brought it off of Ebay. As he was looking through random things no one would ever need and you would be embarrassed if someone you knew knew you where selling it. It was between wolf pee and old rust door nobs that no longer work. But it was being sold for only 50.99 with 500 rounds. He put is eye next to the scope and he looked for animals. He spied a bird sitting on a branch. It was before mating season as well so it couldn't have any baby birds yet. He aimed, and then shot. It was the loudest ear drum rattling noise he had ever heard. He'd forgotten his ear plugs and quickly checked his hearing. He couldn't hear very much. He was almost deaf.

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Suddenly there was a noise of two shots, fired in rapid succession.

By descriptionari, June 30, 2012.

Found in Aaron's Rod, authored by D. H. Lawrence.


The moment played out in slow motion, the rifle followed the arc his body swung in, the sudden movement out the corner of his eye as somebody panicked and threw them themselves between the danger and the frightened child.

He never meant to shoot, but his brain skipped a beat, his trigger finger squeezed in surprise and a single shot fired when it shouldn’t have.

The sound was swallowed by the soft furnishings, carpets, and low ceiling, and came out as a deadened thump. Terrified customer and clerks threw hands over their heads and crouched impossibly lower to the floor as the bullet, a lone .223 round struck true tasting iron, calcium, iron then cheap synthetic carpet.

In that order.

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