Here we are, it’s a portable cabin but quite nice inside. They won’t see you of course, only I can, so I won’t introduce you if that’s alright. I had enough of the “funny farm,” not funny at all. Oh! They just started, Liam has his superhero figure collection. There is a story for every one of them, how fascinating! The teacher loves it, I guess she is reliving her youth just listening. I think that one had the power to call the lightning, fabulous. I love cartoons, don’t you? Now it’s Jackie with her collection of Happy Meal toys. Oh my! That’s a lot of hamburgers worth of toys. The teacher is patient, not so interested but still nodding her approval. Now here comes Andrew, doesn’t he look like his Daddy, so handsome. Did I tell you my husband is gorgeous? I did? Perhaps some time ago, I know I have a tendency to repeat myself. Anyhow, he has his leaf collection. Every spring for the last few years he has taken a small number of new spring leaves and pressed them gently, drying them. He has maple leaves too, how Canadian! I’m not sure what is happening here but the teacher isn’t looking very amused. Her face is puckered up worse than mine last time I tried strong mustard (I hate it).

The teacher is saying that the collection is against the rules, that Andrew has taken things from nature he isn’t allowed to. He could pick leaves in the autumn from the ground, but not the new leaves of the season. I go to argue his point for him only to find out that I’m not really there either. I guess we both went as spirits today. So the plastic collection of violent characters was allowed, the plastic collection of toys used to bribe kids into eating even more fat, salt and sugar was allowed, but a few leaves were a violation? We can drill for oil and pollute but we can’t pick a small amount of leaves? I’m pretty steamed right now, forgive me if I end up in rant mode.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, March 30, 2015.

Found in Are you awake yet? - first draft, authored by Daisy.