My sister brushes back my frizzy hair. It isn't loving. It's more like the way you pull back curtains to let light in. For a moment I wonder if I'm confused. I can't blame myself for having clustered thoughts. I haven't had my coffee.
"Rachel," I mumble, staring up at what appears to be her angelic face.
"Come on," she says in that snappy voice. "You have to get up."
I open my eyes wide and see that it really is Rachel.
I sit straight up, smacking my head into something hard. I ignore the pain.
"What are you doing here?" I sputter, shocked she came into my room. We have always been so distant and different from each other.
"Trying to get you up," she responds, and then with a small smile, she yanks my socks off.
I scream as the cold air prickles my toes.
My life has just erupted into chaos.

By dev, April 19, 2016.