She looked at me like she was unsure. I knew it was a great idea but she didn't think so. I could sense the doubt radiating from her like heat off a radiator. This wouldn't work if she wasn't on board; I knew I had to convince her, but she was too questioning to easily persuade.

By ronnie, November 3, 2014.

"Beauty" is defined by how you look, yet they teach you that beauty lies within. "Happiness" is defined by the state of being pleased, yet for most it is simply the moments where you're not being emotionally ripped apart. "Corruption" is defined as the chaos that we look back on to learn from, yet many would argue that the present is just as corrupted, if not more. "Love" is defined as the feeling you get when you find the person that is the perfect match for you, yet I love the beast that continually swings at me in order to mark his territory, because he "loves" me.
So yeah, I guess you could call me a skeptic..

By myownauthor3, November 30, 2014.

I don't believe in anything if you don't have solid evidence it exists. I guess it's a bit hypocritical that I went into Physics. Everything's theoretical! At least it's backed up with good ideas and we're not just randomly saying "Oh, I'd like there to be another quark. Also, I like cows. Let's call it the muon!"

By dino, November 4, 2014.