Chill crisp air, firm snow underfoot, crunchy top layer, gentle snow falling, lead snow tube on tow rope like a dog, at the start point put the tow rope in the middle of the doughnut-like tube, hold both handles and launch face first, exhilarating speed, whipping wind, breath-taking acceleration, hiss of snow under the tube, steer with feet, drag feet near the end to slow, go up snow embankment at bottom, lead tube by the tow rope again to the lift, sit in the tube, attendant attaches rope to the moving wire with a buzz, a small jolt and then a smooth ride to the top, bottom moving over small bumps in the snow, hawk hovers overhead, serene, beautiful, mountains to the horizon, city in the valley below, snow swirls and encircles, meditative time, bliss.

By angela, December 25, 2011.