Anyhow, I was musing the English language, how we communicate. My subconscious says it doesn’t hear what I hear and that it didn’t understand we were getting different messages. I guess that’s why I feel so much better now that I know. It’s awesome, my mind is aware of different levels of thought and is still one unit, healthy and complete. The conscious mind hears and reads all the words, but the mind underneath is rather like a skim reader, only picking up words of particular significance, especially ones that evoke fear or love, primitive I know but we haven’t changed much biologically speaking from caveman times. Let’s shine some light on this for you.

If someone says “Don’t you dare leave me” all the mind underneath hears is “dare leave me.” It becomes afraid and the words that reversed the meaning are already forgotten. It creates a confusion, unease. Instead our minds prefer statements like “I love you with all my heart.” Then it hears “Love you, heart.” With this kind of statement both levels of our brains are happy and content. No confusion and a unified mind. I have some others, let’s look at them together.

“I won’t ever leave you” can come through as “leave you.” A fearful mind focuses only on the fear words. It prefers, “I’ll stay with you always.” It hears “Stay, always.” Much more relaxing.

“I don’t want you to be afraid,” can come through as “be afraid.” Try “I want you to be comfortable and happy at all times.” The mind holds on to “Comfortable, happy.”

“Don’t run and hide from me,” can be heard as an instruction to run and a suggestion you should be feared, the lower brain may hear “Run, hide, fear.” Try “Please stay with me, I love to be with you.” Then it hears “Stay, love, you.”

“I will never hurt you,” can come through as “Hurt you.” Try “I will treasure you always and keep you safe, my Love.” This can be heard as “Treasure, safe, love.”

“Reject fear,” is a bad combination, two scary words together. Try “Embrace Love...”

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, April 3, 2015.

Authored by Daisy, here.


So I need to teach you how to speak in a way that reduces fear inside other people. The love is there, just hiding. We need to break the love out. You can expect the first reaction to be cynicism and fear, it’s normal. The mistrust of generations won't be hard to fix. Oh dear, I said that all wrong. I guess I need to teach myself too. Let’s try that paragraph again.

It will be my honour to teach you how to speak in the way the Love inside you understands. I will be there for you, I will make it easy and enriching. Stay relaxed and persevere, even if the first reaction to telling someone how much you love them is a retreat from you, an attack or naked fear. In time the truth of the message will sink in deeply enough to start the healing, even then your loved one will benefit from the message of Love being repeated, soothing them at the deepest layers of their soul.

It can be fun to reread old books to find passages and look for whether they are fear or love saturated or a mixture. Often the most powerful prose either calls on fear or love, or both. Take a journey into literature and see what you find. It’s all there. The story of the two forces at war. I love reading old books, they are the trail of our developing consciousness, I wish I had more time to read...

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, April 3, 2015.

Authored by daisy, here.