When I look at my hands I see spiders crawling all over them. They are black, a little hairy, and are about as big as a quarter. They scuttle in seemingly random directions. Their feet tickle my skin as the crawl up my arms and begin to surge across my face. I try not to panic. No-one else can see the spiders. But if they go in my mouth I'm not going to be able to contain the panic. I stumble across my room to my meds and pour two in my hand to be safe. But just as I'm about to put them in my mouth they grow legs and become twice as large as any of the others, so large in fact that I can see their eight eyes shining like blackened pin heads and their mandibles click. Now I'm stuck. I can't swallow the pills and the spiders are crawling up my nose.

By james, October 5, 2014.