Budd was squirming and twisting like an eel.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, October 8, 2012.

Found in A Daughter of the Rich, authored by M. E. Waller.


Tawney wriggled like her bones were made of rubber. Her Dad's hands were no match for her. Her backbone was as flexible as one the snakes they'd just seen in the reptile house. Now she wanted to get closer to the lions. As she flexed this way and that, her shoulders dipped and twisted, she made herself larger and then smaller. Her legs contorted one way and then the other. As she felt herself fall lower in his grasp she just intensified the squirming. Then with a cry of frustration her father bent his knees so that she would not have so far to fall. She tumbled to the grass and promptly fell backwards into the wooden rail. After that there was no more fighting to get away, only snuggling into his shoulder and sucking her thumb.

By mickyswanson, October 30, 2014.