"The star of David," said Magdalene, "represents an entire prophecy in symbol form. For a start, we live in a world of increasing sustainability and decreasing materialistic consumption. If the tip of the top triangle is the start of sustainability, we see that it does not impact consumerism for a time, but then it does at the cross over point - which is now. And so, we live in an era of prophecy, of transition from the old ways that destroyed and consumed our Earth and creation into the new more heavenly ways. This will be when money begins to lose and love begins to win, you'll see, you will."

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, December 15, 2019.

I realise the Star of David has other interpretations, yet this is mine. The triangle that points upward represents power, that in power a small number dominate the masses. The triangle that points earthward is love, that in love the most able support the masses, that those most able to help do so from a sense of love.

As such, it is, to me, a symbol of our deepest human philosophy, that of love vs power. And the Star of David itself speaks to my soul of transition, of the time when we choose love and reject power; for the deadly sins always accompany power yet never love, for love brings health.

For me, the Star of David has a clean and simple beauty, so much wisdom in one symbol. I see it as speaking of "transition into love," that this is the way we save our Earth and all her species, including ourselves. That it is with love as our first principle, that from which all other principles must depend, that we win and life our heads as one humanity, strong and proud of who we are. Yet it is the symbol of the Jewish people and perhaps itself is a condensed version of the prophecy that it is they who play the most key role in this transition.