...What’s up? You’re scared? Why? What did I do? Oh! It’s the mental illness thing, right? You think I’m gonna grab a kitchen knife and behave like we’re in some Stanley Kubric movie? I’m a pacifist, I never hurt anyone! Do I have a criminal record? No! Why would you ask? Where are the knives? Do I have a gun? I think you should leave now. Though to be honest I’m not sure how you get in here anyway. And for the record, I don’t see it as illness at all, well not this bit, the early bit sure. I was crazy, but now? No. This is a spiritual awakening and I’ll thank you to keep your cultural stigma to yourself. This is how westerners wake up, if they don’t have a guide like me to help them. It’s a baptism of fire and unless you are mentally 100% before it begins with no history of depression you won’t make it. You’ll be a big pharma guinea pig on ever higher doses, analysed by shrinks and mistrusted for your transformation.

Why westerners? Why so hard for us? We’re brought up in culture of fear and coercion, so what do you think comes out first when the mind loosens? That’s right, it is the scariest damn thing that can ever happen to you. The devil himself will come and unless you can face down every fear, own your guilt in a healthy way, you’re screwed. But if you can, then God can come, the Creator, and He’ll talk to you like a best friend, calm you, tell you everything will be OK. Then you can unshackle from big pharma and the doctors will see a miraculous recovery. And after all that, you know what? You’re free and there is more Love in your heart than you knew it could hold. You’re free to do God’s will because you actually know what it is without reading inches of scripture. I’m not sick, I’m finally whole. I’m well. Sick people buy shit they don’t need even though they know it will kill them and the planet for future generations, for their own kids even. So who’s sick now?

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, March 13, 2015*.

Found in Are you awake yet? - first draft, authored by Daisy.