Show me a knife and I'll show you naked skin, for when I heal I will be stronger than you. Come to break my bones and I will stand with feet rooted in the same spot, for when I heal my bones will be stronger than yours. I have direction and focus, and so even my smallest steps carry me further than your greatest strides. This is strength without power, leadership without dominance, something priceless in every sense. Perhaps once you stood beyond me and looked back, laughing, look again. It is I who am now ahead, yet I hold out my hand to help you with sincerity.Though you caused my greatest pain, I remain your greatest hope. I am strong because love is strength. I love therefore I am.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, February 21, 2018.

In my weakness I found my strength. All along I was turning outward, expressing love to the world in the hope of some coming back. I offered my soul like a brilliant white light, a force to heal an ailing world of cynicism. Yet what they saw was my wounded side and pushed me further away, that survival instinct to sideline the weak kicking in. I've never been like that, always running toward the needy, and so was confused. Now I understand, that to help others I must be strong in myself, love myself. And so I take that love I poured outward and let it flow in my own veins, channelling the spirit of the lioness. I am not in need of company; I am not alone - I have solitude, peace and time to heal without the needs of others. I take my adversity and I make it my advantage.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, November 20, 2016.

“Thank you.” He had murmured with furrowed brows as a large hand reached out, nearly engulfing mine, and took the cool glass from my hot skin. I remember watching as he tipped back his head, the thick cords in his neck straining and quivering, and his Adam’s apple bobbing as he drank the bitter-sweet alcohol in one fluid motion...
In a moment, his arm tensed and his muscles bulged, and before I knew it, he had effectively smashed the glass into thousands of shards of sand that fell to the floor with the softest of tinkling.

By swampygreenie, February 1, 2014.

Authored by SwampyGreenie, here.

Poetry / Prose

When the darkness overpowers you
Hold on to the last of the light
And know that when it is gone
You held on
You can survive in the dark

When you burn
Rise from the ashes
You have done what no one else will
And through the pain
You can stand up when others stay down

By elvishphanlockian, December 12, 2017.

Out of troubles and pain, will emerge the strongest souls; the most massive characters will be seared with scars. I have Jesus watching upon me; the burning sea level shrieks with terror when it imagines me. And I am very lionhearted enough to go anywhere on my own.

This pain is my strength; Christ won't stop me from acquiring what I want to- because I am iron. I am the daredevil. I have the passion of a storm, and this garden is my rock. I'll try, and undeniably- I will succeed. I have the valour in my motives, in my arms, and in my breath. Come, I am ready to fight these circumstances.

So, dark forces, get ready to fight me. Because I believe in standing firm, in reforming after every shattering blow, and I will mark your end.

By disha_2007, May 17, 2020*.