By 2020 we realized the subliminal messages in our advertising. Our subconscious minds crave love and heaven and so it was layered hypnotically in every slogan; "I'm lovin" it," "heaven in a cup," "chocolate heaven," "it takes a special chocolate to make everyone happy." And so in our search for happiness and love we were constantly being directed to fill our stomachs. Our minds were easy prey to the subliminal messages, something the advertisers have known for years. Who cares if you die early of poor health? Not them, that's for sure. They just wanted to tell us that their products were "insanely addictive" that we would "crave" them, and so we did. While directing us to overeat junk they taught our girls that they could not be loved unless they met impossible and digitally enhanced beauty standards. How were our children supposed to resist when even the adults were blind to it?

They directed us for decades feeling like clever little magicians and made us all hungry for their products. We had to wake up, realize that strength and beauty don't come from a bottle or from inside a plastic wrapper, they are given by the divine and we hold them inside. They wouldn't tell us that the Egyptians have been curing acne and skin issues for generations by rubbing in a little urine before taking a shower - that's gross right? But killing the planet with our plastic obsession and vanity was the preferred option, so long as the share holders and the CEO's got paid we could all suffer in misery while the earth dies, never able to find the true happiness because it couldn't be bottled and sold by the ounce...

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, February 20, 2015*.

Found in Are you awake yet? - first draft, authored by Daisy.