"Sugar?" she questioned, her head on one side, her arm uplifted, her sleeve drooping, and a bit of sugar caught like a white mouse between the claws of the tongs.

By mikeb, July 16, 2012.

Found in Denry the Audacious, authored by Arnold Bennett.


The sugar cubes sat in a fancy Royal Doulton bowl in the centre of a lace doily. The old lady looked on from her high backed chair, her held held erect and her white hair swept into a perfect up-do. The inspector wanted to phrase his question just right, and so to stall for time he leaned forwards to take a cube. As his thumb and finger clamped onto the crystalline surface her face fell into a scowl and then her eyes pointedly dropped to the silver spoon that lay on it's own plate next to the bowl. A less experienced officer may have been put off their pace by this silent rebuke, but instead he inwardly smiled, in her determination to be stoic she gave much away about her personality and attitudes.

By mickyswanson, October 30, 2014.