The boy at the piano showing his skill,
The girl at the ocean swimming her fill.
The woman at the microphone, sharing her talent,
The guy in the army, being ever valiant.
The lady at the easel, expressing her passion,
The lady with the needle, creating beautiful fashion.
The woodcarver with his knife, practicing his amazing gift,
The captain at the wheel, his hands ever swift.

Where is my talent O' Lord?
How might I serve you?
I feel so small in this world full of expression,
I have no talent and it’s bringing me only depression.
In this beautiful land I feel so small,
I begin to envy people who are gifted with the call.
Some are called by the ocean, some by the stars,
Some by the easel, some by mars.
Some by the wind, some by the sun,
They each are drawn to the perfect one.
But I feel left out, like the gift missed me
How will I ever find what my talent will be?
Will I sing like a bird, or swim like a fish?
Just once I want you to grant my wish.
Will I fight for my country, or lead an army?
My hunt for my gift is beginning to alarm me!
I have searched long and hard for my skill,
But you have told me to search within and I will find it waiting still.
Just waiting for the call,
That will awaken my gift and fill me with praise for my all.
So Lord I pray, expose my gift,
And let me use it for you and never drift.

By twilightlover77, April 2, 2017*.

"Lucy, it's time to tell kids that the skills and talent they have are the right ones for what they are passionate to do, in the way they are passionate to do it, to trust their instincts. We need to tell them that they are are enough and discovering their own talents is an exciting journey of self-discovery. To select only certain qualities, to expect behaviour more suitable for the elderly, is torture for both mind and body. Everyone has talent that is so unique that it needs to unfold like a flower. When the environment is right, kids will thrive; for when teachers are like the patient gardener, blooming is natural."