The Doctor gestured at a box, a battered blue police box that must have been decades old. He can't imagine I want to get in something that size with another person, I like my personal space. Yet he stands there grinning, eyes alight, his scarf blowing in the unseen breeze. So I open the door wider and peer inside. What I see must be some kind of trick, inside looks bigger than my home. There is metal and machinery, buttons and lights, and no telephone anywhere. It smells of something inscrutable, not unpleasant, but I'm unfamiliar with whatever it is. My host is watching me with the expression of someone who has given a great gift and now waits for it to be opened. So I step inside and the clang of my boots on the metal echoes around. "It's a time machine," the doctor says, bouncing on the balls of his feet. "We can go anywhere you like, anywhen you like. Do you want to meet some aliens? Apart from me of course, I am a time lord. This is the Tardis. Would you like a refreshment?"

By janetwinn73, October 18, 2014.