Dearest America,

In these pandemic days it is time to let go of rancour and the language of competition and division. It is time to embrace kind speech, compassion and empathy - words that bring a sense of togetherness, trust and mutual support. What the world loves about America is not the things that money brings, yet the warmth of your hearts and the childish sense of joy you shine on the world. So, team USA, we need you to keep that light bright and come together in good faith. You may not have a health care system as other developed nations do, yet you can play to your greatest strength - your warm hearts, your love of being heroes, your team spirit and faith in love and liberty. When you channel your inner Captain America or Wonder Woman, you will rise through the dark days and emerge into the daylight as one, truly united and in a state you can be proud of,

May God be with you all,

Angela Abraham