We had only hoped to find the sunken WWII submarine, travelling though the blue with high beams strong enough to light up the ocean around us in all directions. The cameras recorded and relayed the information to mission control and Tara was there to drive in case the remote signals got lost, loosing our searcher sub would set us back tens of millions of dollars. One of the researchers saw a haze up ahead that wasn't just a reflection and charted a course for it. What came into view knocked the words out of everyone.

Ahead was a city, breathtakingly beautiful with old Greek architecture but at the same time the patterns to the streets, to the buildings, was geometrical to the last brick. But it wasn't a ruin, it should be of course, submerged in saline currents. The statues of gods and goddesses were perfect and the stone lions looked as if they might spring off their perches any moment. Amazing though all that was, it was the glowing that had the watchers most hypnotized. There was no obvious light source, yet when they turned the sub lights off they could still make out all the structures in a steady blue light that hung about it in the shape of a dome. Tara took over the controls and steered toward the glow, once she reached the boundary her sub lost power, lost all radio signals and was pulled in quickly.

Once inside the glow the city was no longer empty, there were people moving around dressed either in ancient Greek costume or like some Star-Trek convention wannabe. They weren't swimming at all, they were walking, breathing air and talking, debating, laughing. They turned toward the sub as it touched down and made small bows before carrying on with whatever they were doing before.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, February 24, 2015.