Those fungi, grotesquely like the vegetation in the yard outside, were truly horrible in their outlines; detestable parodies of toadstools and Indian-pipes, whose like we had never seen in any other situation. They rotted quickly, and at one stage became slightly phosphorescent; so that nocturnal passers-by sometimes spoke of witch-fires glowing behind the broken panes of the fetor-spreading windows.

By mikeb, November 15, 2012.

Found in The Shunned House, authored by Howard Phillips Lovecraft.


The toadstools could have leaped right out of the pages of a children's picture book. The domed caps were as red as summer cherries, yet they were also as spotty as a child with the pox; white lumps lay haphazardly over their skin. In contrast their stalks and the delicate gills underneath were white. They grew in clusters of three or so, with one larger and more dominant than the others. But when you took a step back it was clear that they were arranged in a wide circle only broken in one place.

By lisarachel, October 30, 2014.