As Ivan emerged over the top of the hill he came across a toilet. It sat in the middle of the path with no plumbing, no water, no shelter. It was egg shell blue with a faded mahogany lid. By any logical thinking it should have been covered in the same brown dust as everything else, but it was quite shiny; old but clean. He approached it and peered inside, searching for a clue as to why it was there. He realized the answer too late as the cosh came down his skull.

By charlottamodine9, November 1, 2014.

Even the toilet was state of the art. Likely it cost more than a servants monthly wage. It was a sleek one piece that flushed as soon as you stood. The water inside was cleaner than the water ordinary townsfolk drank, having been twice filtered like the rest of the household supply. It was just a toilet to the master, but to his staff it was a monument to the prestige his money afforded him.

By charlottamodine9, November 1, 2014.

The toilet festered in a dehydrated puddle of urine. Under the filth, hair and smears it was white porcelain. The underside of the seat was stained a nasty dark yellow and the stench of sewage filled the windowless room in which it sat. The toilet bowl itself was alive with pink bacteria. Danny gagged. He'd rather find a bush than use it.

By charlottamodine9, November 1, 2014.

The toilet is a noble place,
It is where one goes to defacate,
Or to vomit if one is drunk,
Or to simply kill an ugly skunk.

Oh, my toilet, how I treasure thee,
It is at home on you where I comfortably pee,
I'd happily take you over a Big Mac,
Even though when I flush your water touches my ball sack.

Toilet if you ever leave me,
Do believe me it'd grieve me,
I've sat on you through bad and good,
I've shat more in you than I ever think I could.

I love you, toilet.

By niceshibe_1, May 14, 2014.