He was standing on a narrow track made of loose gray pebbles that crunched under his combat boots when he walked. The track snaked around the side of a mountain with a sheer drop to the right.

By james, May 3, 2012.

Found in Alex Rider, Stormbreaker, authored by Anthony Horowitz.


The track snaked around the trees and disappeared from sight. It was well worn but narrow and broken with knotted roots. Branches overhung in their quest for more sunlight, making an archway of green. Selina hadn't been there in months and no-one had any call to travel this way unless they were visiting her cottage. She was about to break into a jog when she noticed a recently fallen tree, it lay chopped at the side, the wood still fresh and bleeding sap. Someone had been here today and was maintaining the path. She froze. Then from behind her came to snapping of twigs underfoot.

By gregtyson, October 30, 2014.