The vampire was born with capacity for empathy, for emotional connection and love, as are we all... yet they did not develop such things... and this is the source of their attributes. If one cannot generate one's own love, one sucks the life from others, hence the draining of blood from others. If one avoids self reflection, if one will not look at ones self honestly and take on critique for improvement, the ego runs wild and becomes overgrown, hence they cannot see their own reflection. It is a lie to say that they have none. Others can see their reflection with ease, but I digress. They cannot take real truth for they have come to see vice as virtue, greed as good, using others for their own selfish gains as power and intelligence - thus truth kills them, and this we represent as sunlight. This is why the vampire cannot take pure sun. They must be invited in because their power only exists in situations with someone who welcomes them and is blind to their true nature. If they cannot deceive, then they risk exposure. They are only repelled by the cross if the one holding it knows real virtue from vice. If the holder is confused as to what is virtue and what is vice, the vampire is attracted and made bolder. So know what a vampire is and why, know they are creatures of the Money-Nexus world and cultures. Know that they don't look any different from anyone else. The fangs, the cloak, the pale face... all fiction. But vampires are real. Very, very real.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, January 12, 2021.