There's something about the way violin sings that sets my heart into the deepest of symphonies, deeply harrowing and torrential in the way it encompasses my body. I can't find anything as which holds as much capacity in power as does the violin. It can be your friend, your mortal enemy, however, for always, it will be in your accompaniment, helping you to portray your feelings to the crowd. Its slender strings caress my fingers, its curves are tenderly traced under my palm, and to me, nothing in the world can possibly compare to the sense of empowerment which is achieved with the most marvelling mix of notes.

By xxxrogueyaoigirlxxx, April 14, 2018*.

My voice is tender, my sound is piercing, my waist is slender and I'm often invited to play. Yet whenever I go, I must take a bow or I have nothing to say.

By kikkopirate, February 3, 2015.

Authored by Skylar Nguyen, here.


I like the crescendo coming out of the violin, because that reminds me of sunrise and waking up after a sweet dream. When I hear pizzicato, I remember playing hide and seek with my childhood friends. The magical shoulder instrument brings relaxation and moments to the audience as the sound of vibration touches your inside your heart.

By Howie Fly, February 27, 2016.