Leon wrapped himself in the duvet, waves of nausea adding to his misery. His phone pinged with message after message, none of them from Amelia; hers was a special ring. His brain felt like it would swell beyond the capacity of his skull and now his dehydration was too obvious to ignore. He would have to bump down the stairs on his backside. Again his stomach lurched and gurgled. Perhaps some painkillers would help too. He raised his heavy eyelids half way only for them to fall shut. He raised them again and swung his bare feet to the carpet again. It was cold and sticky underfoot, he must have missed that earlier. One bleary look told him what he'd been eating last night with Val, late night fish and chips apparently. He sank back to the bed; too many jobs to do, so much mess and his life in tatters.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, December 13, 2014.