She looked up in the sky, covering her eyes to protect them from the blazing sun. There it was, her endless dream, her heart's burning desire. She smiled, her nostalgic eyes still upon the sky. Following the stream the plane was leaving. Like painting with a white brush in the pure blue that colours the summer.
A sigh escaped from her lips. Without caring if people on the street could see her, she waved goodbye to the plane. She then put her hand and her head down, back on earth. And she began wondering, while sitting in that bench on the park behind her house: where was it going?
Wherever they were travelling, she wished she could fly into the sky and go with them. It didn't matter the destination, she just wanted to go away. Travel around the world with a backpack, a camera and a big smile. Nothing more, nothing less.
She put her hands on her chest, closing them. Like she was holding something precious. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, regaining control of herself again. Holding back the tears.
The wanderlust consumed her; it burned her soul like she was in the middle of a raging fire. Her reality was hard. Her life was leading to apathy. And nothing she could tell herself made the desire of escape go away. To jump into a train, or take a plane; anything that could lead anywhere but there.
No more, she said. This is enough.
She opened her eyes and ran back home. She entered in lighting fast, ignoring the screams of her parents. In her room, she grabbed her backpack, always ready. She took all the money from down her mattress, and then she left without a single word. The shouts were still on her ears.
Minutes later, she jumped on a bus that lead to the airport. Then she laughed, she laughed so hard it hurt her sides. She was going to do it. She was doing it. She was going to fulfil her dream; to end her wanderlust.
For the first time on her life, she felt in control of herself. She felt happy again. And then she knew.
Now, she was invincible.

By purestarlight, May 9, 2015.