Water rights are a global issue that require solving as a globe. We have technological advances in saving water that could make vast health improvements. These are simple measures that westerners have become accustomed to for generations. If we imagine dry taps, if we imagine no water or drinks in the stores, if the nearest supply was both miles away, dirty and depleted, we can start to gain some much needed empathy for the plight of many whom have some or all of these factors as their reality. Putting global resources into luxury goods while others cannot access clean water and other health basics is a massive management issue for everyone. In addition to the morality of the issue, there is the practical reality that when it comes to health, the health of one can rapidly become the health of all, as the coronavirus epidemic as shown so clearly. From desalination to conservation measures and recycling - it is time everyone left the "Victorian era" and entered modernity. That may take a while, but as with any long journey, if we make the first step and keep walking we have a much higher chance of getting to our good destination.