One of the blows had caught him rather low, so that he was almost winded and could not breathe. He sat rigid, paralysed as a winded man is. But he wouldn't let it be seen. With all his will he prevented himself from gasping. Only through his parted lips he drew tiny gasps, controlled, nothing revealed to the other two. He hated them both far too much.

By descriptionari, June 30, 2012.

Found in Aaron's Rod, authored by D. H. Lawrence.


Annie hitched up her skirt and began to climb. Her brothers could scale this old tree so why not her? She soon realized that bare feet were the way to go and kicked off the satin flats she'd been made to wear to church. She screwed up her face with concentration and scrambled up the rough bark. When she reached the thick bough the boys always cat-called her from she attempted to sit, but her momentum caught her unawares and instead of sitting she flailed through the air landing flat on her chest. She tried to breathe but the air just wouldn't go in. Her heart raced, she got to her knees and desperately attempted to inhale. At the fourth attempt some air went in, not much, but enough to pave the way for a bigger breath the next time. And that is how her brothers found her, not sitting pretty on the branch, but covered in mud with a bloody lip and fighting to re-inflate her lungs. She had been winded. But come next Sunday that tree was hers, she would learn from her mistake.

By james, October 30, 2014.