The new dining table from the consignment store stood in the otherwise barren room. It was going to take some time to furnish the place. As Emma gazed at it from across the room she noticed that under the lip of the table it seemed rough, perhaps from some dried food. On closer inspection it was greenish and baked on hard. Snot. It had to be. Some kid had sat through every meal wiping his bogies on the underneath. Yuck!

By freyawatson81, October 6, 2014.

Mind you, he'd also once explained to her, how the dye was extracted from a certain species of snail, which she thought most peculiar. Why would anyone, let alone kings and queens and princesses, want to wear clothing coloured with something which came from inside a snail?

By albee, July 8, 2014.

Found in Jonah. The White Ghost., authored by A.M.Cornford.