Zombie detector 101 - they don't care about the destruction of the planet. Show them a pod of whales being murdered and not a tear is shed. Tell them that the oceans are being killed for money, that creation depends on us protecting the oceans, and they won't refuse to eat fish. Tell them that it is full of plastics and pollutants and they will add more hot sauce. Tell them that over half of the plastic garbage is related to commercial fishing, that it is highly dangerous to marine life, and they just stare. These are the zombies and the plague of emotional indifference is the virus. Tell them that slavery is used to make fish cheaper, people who are tortured for years and often murdered at sea, that the fishing observers get murdered too and the zombies just ask for more mayo. The best we humans can do is make the right choices easier than the wrong ones and pray they begin to recover their heart beat and heal their putrified and nasty brains.