The tracks curled above like the spines of the weary, tracks held aloft for the screams of the lonely, and all of it under a sky of surreal beauty, within a park of trees that have stood for hundreds of years.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, February 11, 2019.

The sky above the dilapidated theme park was the colour of a television, tuned to a dead channel. I could see the black outline of the hazardous roller coaster above me, parts of it obscured by the fog. Dark ash was scattered across the broken tiles, and vines creep up the walls, finding refuge in the cracks of mortar. It was quiet, almost too quiet, but I could hear creaking from the ancient ferris wheel as it slowly turned on its repetitive path. I could see the silhouettes of trees swaying eerily in the distance, their outlines slightly blurred, giving off a sinister atmosphere.

The temperature seemed to drop, sending chills up my spine. I could smell smoke, it hung suspended in the air above me, leaving a bitter taste in my mouth. The ghosts of children's screams haunted the abandoned theme park. The scene was unearthly, surreal, I felt like I was in another world entirely. This place had lay derelict for years.

The weather was drab and bleak, which just made the atmosphere more unnerving. I felt like I was disrupting the theme park's peaceful sleep, and it would soon awaken.
Decaying cobwebs were strung between beams, neglected by the spiders. I could see fog hovering in the air above my head; only a glowing sphere of the moon was visible through the clouds. The moon hid behind it, trying and failing to break through.

Torn bunting was strung in the air above me, their colours now dull, flags fluttering slightly in the breeze.

An elaborate merry-go-round sat in the centre of the park, its once bright colours painted over with dust. I could hear the echoes of cheerful music that no longer played. I could see the theme park reassemble itself in my mind, all the vibrant colours coming back to life.

By queen_of_shadows, March 17, 2018*.