At the start of the nightmare I was invited into a dark house, beyond the walls folks would normally assume were the boundaries of the dwelling. Behind them was a house of horrors, people trapped below floor boards, seen through areas with missing planks. I ran. Upon leaving there were shots fired and I hid behind an old friend I haven't seen in years.

Then I was somewhere else, caring for a baby, not my baby, just a baby girl. There was a man too, and at times he asked to care for the baby. Yet when I took the baby back from him she spoke. She said he had hurt her "down below." I took her to the toilet to see if she was injured, yet as I held her over the toilet to "potty," her brain fell out of her head and disappeared into the clear water below. The dream changed again and I was in a room full of people who had known the baby. I asked them if it was true about the man, that he'd hurt her, they said it was.

Soon I was in a supermarket as if nothing had happened, browsing the aisles, when a friend arrived unexpectedly. He was the sort of friend that came and went as he wished. I said that he'd been gone a long time, but it was a relief that he'd returned. He said we should go back to the house of horrors, and so we did. Only this time it was in daylight and there was nobody under the floor boards. It was more as I'd imagine a film set to look. He asked if there was a mirror, that we should find it if there was one, but there was not. Instead there was only an old piece of battered metal, strong though, as perhaps a fragment of armour would be. And so we left, the nightmare over, a new day stretching ahead of us.