If you are clingy there is a danger that you may cling to the wrong person, not a protective and loving type, yet an abuser. The protective type can be brusque in attitude, taking control of situations and exerting dominance. They are the hero, the alpha, confident, inspiring others to follow them. Around these types you will feel elevated, stronger, more capable and calm. The abuser is often a false-alpha. Beneath fig-leaf values there is no substance at all. They are cowards. When trouble comes they will hide behind you, preferring that you to take on the damage. Wealth is of greater importance to them than your heart or wellbeing. They will criticise you and push you down. Around these types you will feel greater anxiety, less self worth, greater insecurity. So, if you are ever in doubt, fellow clingy type, as to if you are with the right kind of partner, ask yourself how they make you feel and there is the real answer.