Without your smile to light the room
It’s as empty as a stillborn womb
That emptiness travels everywhere you hear?
Till even the sun sheds a tear

The stillness surrounding me
Clings to my heart and drags it down
Calling, always calling that same taunting plea
It will never be the same without your smile around

Without your eyes to lose myself in
Nothing will ever be as it has been
Oh your eyes
They sparkled like the skies

The darkness surrounding me
Without your eyes to light my day
Tugs on my weary soul calling, calling that same old plea
They once were bright but now they’re grey

Without your heart that whispers the sweet melodies of the lilies singing
My days are weighed down because the joy in my heart has left me
The echoes I hear in my ears ringing
Oh how bittersweet till they flee!

Without your laugh to brighten my life
I am overwhelmed with the strife
For my heart no longer had a tune to beat to
As soon as you said adieu

The sun rises each day, and it sets
But my soul will never sing with as much accrue
For the voice calling, calling never forgets…
You have bid adieu

By twilightlover77, April 1, 2018*.