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By Angela Abraham (daisy), March 29, 2012.

The man on the advertisement grinned as he flexed his biceps. Reggae was playing in the background. "How do you describe awesome?" he screamed at the camera. "Free tickets to Mexico!" an invisible crowd roared. "A chance to win tickets for two with every purchase of El Pato Tortillas!"

By leoni, November 8, 2013.

The women on the television danced around in bikinis on the beach, doing handstands and flips as the entire beach turned into a flash mob. The camera panned up and all of a sudden: Coca Cola!

By leoni, November 8, 2013.

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By angela, March 29, 2012.

By 2020 we realized the subliminal messages in our advertising. Our subconscious minds crave love and heaven and so it was layered hypnotically in every slogan; "I'm lovin" it," "heaven in a cup," "chocolate heaven," "it takes a special chocolate to make everyone happy." And so in our search for happiness and love we were constantly being directed to fill our stomachs. Our minds were easy prey to the subliminal messages, something the advertisers have known for years. Who cares if you die early of poor health? Not them, that's for sure. They just wanted to tell us that their products were "insanely addictive" that we would "crave" them, and so we did. While directing us to overeat junk they taught our girls that they could not be loved unless they met impossible and digitally enhanced beauty standards. How were our children supposed to resist when even the adults were blind to it?

They directed us for decades feeling like clever little magicians and made us all hungry for their products. We had to wake up, realize that strength and beauty don't come from a bottle or from inside a plastic wrapper, they are given by the divine and we hold them inside. They wouldn't tell us that the Egyptians have been curing acne and skin issues for generations by rubbing in a little urine before taking a shower - that's gross right? But killing the planet with our plastic obsession and vanity was the preferred option, so long as the share holders and the CEO's got paid we could all die of coronary disease and live miserable lives, never able to find the true happiness that was there all along, masked underneath the fear of not being loved...

By Angela Abraham (daisy), February 20, 2015.

It wasn't until 2020, when it was too late, that anyone suspected the news media and the advertisers were in on it together. I don't know why, looking back it was kinda obvious. The news ramped up our fear, our tension, ending with some stupid nonsense story about a dog being best friends with a budgie, then the adverts hit telling us how to make ourselves feel "happy." We could eat our way to happiness, or buy fancy clothes; we could feel great in a new car or secure in an executive home. They knew we'd never buy all their products, bankrupting ourselves, unless we felt miserable and worthless inside. So the obesity epidemic grew and everyone was too busy being scared to notice what was happening right in front of their faces.

We were the sheep and the media was their well trained dog. The teeth were bared and we ran to the malls, to the supermarket, to the fast food joints. Then we felt bad for getting fat, living in "luxury" while most of the world starved and worked in conditions we wouldn't subject a dog to. And how did we afford these products that humans have somehow done without for millennia? We did soulless jobs we hated, we farmed our children into daycare and ended up divorcing the loves of our lives. We lived in misery and forgot what really made us happy and felt confused about what Love really was.

Their products destroyed our society and our Earth, polluting and endlessly filling the emotional void where Love should have been. So while we sucked back five dollar coffee in fancy cafes children died of starvation and lack of basic sanitation abroad. In our fear we could no longer feel Love, our noble and courageous natures were suppressed, keeping us in a primal state of survival that did not belong in our millennia. Everyone I knew back then was good, everyone; but to hear the media tell it we were surrounded by savages, disease and danger. I know that our creator is Love, and so they didn't just steal our humanity, they stole Him from us too.

By Angela Abraham (daisy), February 19, 2015.

JEN: "We have a problem. If the current trend continues people will be too happy, too content with their own lives to buy our products. We need them to be vain, fearful and greedy. How are we going to do it?"
TOM: "They're pushing back against the photoshopped images, the perfect ideal of beauty, we can't let that continue. If they begin to truly feel loved for who they are they'll feel bad about how we make our products and sales will plummet.
McKAY: We could go with a bit of green-washing, you know, buy some time. Mean while we need another war or the threat of one, nothing switches them back into "purchase mode" better. Scared people hoard, get selfish, how are we going to get that?
JEN: The government will take care of the fear, I'll drop them a memo, step up foreign terror. The young just aren't insecure enough and I don't know why. It's not like we've really let up the pace. They should feel bad every time they look in the mirror.
McKAY: We need a new show about models, singers, show them how big their boobs should be, how shiny their hair should be. This time the prize needs to be bigger, make them greedy all over again. The winner needs to be in helicopters, white beaches, romanced by someone rich. I'll get on that.
TOM: I'll stay on top of the trends, see if we can see a reversal. I'm watching make-up, shampoo, electronics. Gotta say, we really did a great one with "selfies" and social media applications, they're on "stage" wherever they go. Really turned things around for a while.
JEN: Alright, meeting over, no minutes, no record, this meeting never happened.

By Angela Abraham (daisy), February 28, 2015.