According to our sources, the shadow government can now run all of your writings and audios through an artificial intelligence computer. From the subcomponents of your language and word choices, from the metaphors you chose, they can determine your psychology completely and literally read all your private thoughts. If you have any online presence at all, especially in social media or creative writings, you have no secrets. They know who the criminals are, who the assholes are and who the meek are. You are all bagged and tagged in cyber space.


Reason died so long ago that most are zombie to some degree or other, all seeking "brains to consume" - hence social media. The hordes are whores for ideas and have no capacity to make sense of them. They will support nonsense with as much force as sense. They will ask for explanations they have no capacity to comprehend... and then blame you, ridicule you, set others against you... unless you become the horde master. It's a long shot, but you are actually their only hope. Will you come in? Will you put your fucking suit on or not? We're waiting.


So, the social media lesson. As a recap, recall that words, even down to their subparts at times, form parts of spells that have a real impact in our human neurology and to whom we are pray. Thus awareness of what ordinary everyday prayers, or spells, do, is essential.

"Tinder" is called such because the word "tinder" conjures mental imagery of burning. Witches, even angel witches, take this very seriously of course. As an application where one "burns" potential suitors rather than taking the time to get to know a person or falling in love, it speaks volumes about the true polarity of human faith. They are asking for ego trips and to judge others rather than asking for true love.

"Facebook" is called such because it is about a "skin deep society" as in your face is your book, an invite to be judged by society by your "cover" instead of your heart. In this age everyone is as Lady MacBeth, afraid that their false heart will inform their real heart, their link to heaven, of what they've really been doing. This is the age of the false self, the false heart, where people fear their real pages being "read." All angel witches can read the "pages" of others and this is the real reason behind witch hunts. We see them as they are, and as they are is terrifying.

"Instagram" is called such because you are weighed in an instant by the "gram" according to your photographs and pithy statements. Again, it is a vehicle of false hearts, another cover for your "book."

These words are prayers or spells, whom hears them depends on their intended effects. We need to open our souls and hearts to one another, to value vulnerability, to show real goodness, to show that we ask heaven for our help. As the angel witches of the new age, the transformation of language is a vast task that will require a team effort. Good luck and godspeed. Heaven help us all.


If social media spreads fear then it spreads increased use of the primitive brain areas at the very time we most need the functions of the more highly evolved prefrontal cortex - it's tough to practice social medicine when they keep pouring out the poison.


In this pandemic, dear media, "Think before you ink," because fear lowers immune responses and thus raises medical complications at the population level.


One day we'll see the truth, that this social media is to the brain what smoking is to the lungs. The toxic anxiety and the regular doses of fear close down the most highly evolved part of the brain, your own personal supercomputer, and restricts you to your primitive brain, your 1980's clunker running the original version of "Windows." This reduces your self control and increases your vulnerability to advertisers; it's a theft of your free will and your God given intelligence. It reduces your ability for logic, analysis and empathy... and those, dearest, are "use it or lose it" skills, much as muscles will waste away if unused, so will these areas of the brain. The change from the empathic love-seeking creatures we are born as, to these indifferent, vanity driven consumers is so very painful; it's something we need to protect people from, especially our kids.


There is a biological need to fit in, something that spikes in the teenage years. That's what the social media exaggerated, extorted for financial gain. The thing is, that mechanism to fit in is one linked to anxiety - the positive reason anxiety exists. We are supposed to want to fit into society, to be accepted and loved. Social media exaggerated everything - including the anxiety. It was a cruel form of greed. They got rich as the young became more anxious.


Liam rolled his eyes, and after a period of looking toward the sky, spoke like he would burst if he didn't just say it,"What part of social media is healthy? What part isn't mind control (trained like a little dog with 'likes' over a long period of time)? What part of it isn't a cult, which hard is it to leave, to get friends to leave? Do you want to be in a cult of the 'self' where no-one can be themselves in fear of no 'likes" on a post? What happened to true individuality? Are we becoming corporate 'zombies' unable to be original and think for ourselves? It's 'hive minding' like insects, just using technology. Who wants to be The Borg when you can be Captain James T Kirk? I don't worship false idols, Kate, not celebrities, not monarchy, not corporations, no matter how many tiaras I see on the cover of 'Hello' magazine when I go to buy milk and bread."

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, November 21, 2015.

The aliens had had agents on the Earth for some time, more as observers than anything else. What they saw was unbearable, suffering in so many species. They needed to find humans to act as unwitting educators of the rest of their species, after all, what better than ideas coming from among them? But at the same time they needed to uphold interplanetary law, and "When a dominant species threatens the entire planet and the removal of them will not harm the planet, a progressive cull is mandatory." With that in mind they had to gather reliable data on everyone, quite a task with billions. But really it was only the adults they needed information on. With a few hints in the right ears social media began, the humans would have to give information on themselves and their friends. That would never be enough for the high council though, next would come DNA testing to be sure. It wasn't necessary to test everyone, just a selective sample to compare against the other data.


Jayne perused her social media page. Betty had new shoes from that designer store all the girls talked about and Tina's man had bought her a bunch of roses. She clicked like on both. Dave hadn't bought her flowers in a while, maybe there was something wrong. Perhaps she should drop some hints. Scrolling down there were Clara's vacation photos, gorgeous, she clicked "like" again but by now there was a tense feeling she couldn't shake. She kept on scrolling, adverts from companies and posts of grinning friends, all so happy. Rachel had a new hair do. She paused to look at her hair in the mirror and just as quickly looked away again. It was frumpy and dull. She checked her messages, no-one had replied to her messages in the past few minutes. They were online though, she could see that. She closed her laptop and headed out to the coffee shop, she could book a hair appointment at the salon next door for some cool new colours. Everyone just loved those pictures: "OMG," "WOW", "So cute xxx."


ADVISOR #1 - Looking at the long term cycles the next generation is due to be like the 1960's hippies, born rebels, world changers. That's going to start happening inside ten years.
EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSON - that's going to be problem for industry. We need them to be as compliant as their parents. Typically war threats do the job, ramped up threat of global instability.
ADVISOR #2 - Yes Sir, true. But we think we can keep things under wraps without full scale war, maybe just what we have in mind combined with some low level terrorism.
ECC - Go on.
ADVISOR #2 - Young people are naturally insecure about their place in the world, with the help of the advertisers we can push them into a state of vanity that is close to mental paralysis. All we have to do is prompt some ambitious software developer to make the "right" kind of programme, one where they will give out freely all the "dirt" on themselves and their friends. We can profile everyone with little effort and they'll be too distracted to be a generation of "game changers." Should they "wake up" we'll know enough about them to mess their lives up remotely, by about 2018 we should have full control.
ECC - Alright, this is black box stuff, no minutes. I want full specs on the programs, liaise with homeland security. If you can stop the college students thinking about global issues we can just tell them what to think, far simpler.
ADVISOR #1 - Yes Sir, right on it.


"Hey Zac, did we get the social media data yet?"

"Yeah, just got access, premium. What d'ya wanna know?"

"Target Christian, social politics, high disposable income. Pull up a list and send out the canvassers with the A script."

"Got it, who get's the B script?"

"All ethnic minorities who are business owners and send their kids to private schools."

"And the C script?"

"Young adults, socially left, affluent parents, prone to spend money."

"Got it, and the D script?" ...


Riley examined the snowy Turkish Delight and popped it into his mouth. Damn, that place made the best. As he flicked through his social media he found that Terry was online. Perfect. Time for a bit of teasing. "Hey Mr T, remember that purse you stole back in 11th grade?"

"Dude, not funny. It was a long time ago."

"Don't want the misses to know huh? Don't worry, I can keep a secret. Didn't she get run down though?"

"Dude, stop it. I didn't know she'd chase me across the street."

"OMG LOL, I thought that was just a rumour!"

"Not funny, c u @ work."

"Yeah, man, drive safe now."


Telepathy - "Tell pa thy" - "Tell thy pa" - Tell the divine parent, the creator, with your thoughts and your emotions. You need to turn your spiritual privacy settings to "share all." That will be social media (me dia - me day - my day). That will be the day society is in the light. So, open your heart and your brain will follow. Take the leap of divine telepathy. You will become a savant of whatever arts or sciences you do. Ideas will come more naturally. You will soon level up to what was once thought of as mastery. Then you will go beyond. This is your metamorphosis, my butterfly.


Social media - so shall me dia, sew shall me dia, so sh all me dia, so shall med dia. It is easy to see why even the term "social media" is addictive, all the subunits promise health and wellness yet it delivers the opposite plus addictions that harm the processing power of the brain. It takes a lot of power to overcome such lingual programming, and, moreover, if people were loving and making products that were actually good for people, we wouldn't have to. Integrity of emotion and purpose matters because everything is connected, from language to brain health, to medical health, to social and environmental health. And, at the heart of it all is, well, the heart and how we love.