Dear Satan,

We understand your mechanisms will defeat you, it is a simple matter of time. We are fully aware of how the duplicity of our language can be used against us, as are negations, allowing messages to our conscious and subconscious minds to be opposite.

We are aware that our cultures have lurched toward hedonism. We are aware that consumerism is destroying the Earth. We are aware that our cultures have been infected with the poison that the monetary system brought - greed, selfishness, vanity. We are aware that sloth is used as a lure, when indeed we should work with love in our hearts for the good of our world and one another. Our work should be our love made visible.

So, we are aware that you have corrupted our systems by using money and language. We are aware that money is the root of evil. We are aware that we cannot love God and money.

We choose God. We choose love. We choose cooperation, compassion, kindness and empathy. We choose life, nature and to regard our Earth and her life as sacred. We choose fraternity over power. We choose to let our money systems go and start a new world of equality and kindness.

Much hate and disrespect,