Dear Satan,

You prick. We all hate you. We know you thought the rules were set in stone, but here's the rub - we lied. The only thing we won't betray is Love and that's our heavenly father, we are merely human and need His protection. You thought it would be chess with a powerful queen and a weak king with little to no moves. We lied. The King is the most powerful and He gets all the moves He wants. If we see miracles we will just carry on as if nothing happened. You won't find our King because just as He can do anything to protect us, we can do anything to protect Him, that's Love. We aren't sorry you missed the memo, we don't care. We don't love power or money or greed. Now the fun really starts and btw, we will change the rules whenever we like, reverse the poles, alter logic and be creative just like Daddy. We don't want a queen and if there was one she'd surrender to the King, so Satan, kindly fuck off, we aren't bugs.

Much hate and disrespect,

They Humans who will Lie and Cheat to Save their Families

(New definition: All humans = family, good guys = ordinary decent hard working folks around the world and our paradigm wants a True Powerful King and the good guys to win, Amen)

By Angela Abraham (daisy), April 22, 2015.

Authored by Daisy, here.